Domain & Hosting

We’re going to register a domain name and get ourselves some hosting with our partner, VentraIP.

Now that we (hopefully) are a little clearer on what hosting and domain names are all about, it's time to actually set some up! As mentioned on the previous page, VentraIP have partnered with the She Codes organisation and offer our attendees 3 months free hosting along with 12 months free domain registration for ".co" domains.

Please note: the discounts will be applied on checkout - don't worry if they don't show immediately!

If you are hoping to get started building a website for your business today, you might want to consider purchasing a "" domain name. You can either do this now (if you're confident you want to do it and would like help) or you can purchase it when you're ready and transfer your hosting to your new domain later down the track.

The first step to getting started is to follow this link:

VentraIP hosting & domains for She Codes

Once there, you will be prompted to choose a domain. The first part of this can be whatever you like - for example your business name, your own name, or something fun! It will need to be all lower case, and must not include spaces or other characters. If you need to separate words, the best practice is to use a hyphen. In the second field, enter ".co" and choose it from the drop down if you would like to take advantage of the free domain option. If you choose any other extension, you will need to enter a credit card at the end of this process in order to proceed. Once you have chosen your preferred domain, hit "Check" to confirm it is available.

domain check

Once you have selected your domain, click the pink "Continue" button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next steps. On the next page, the "Starter" option (Quarterly) should already be selected. Click the pink "Continue" button to proceed to the next page.

hosting register

The next page is just a summary of the options you have already selected - the only new thing is "id protection" which is also sometimes referred to as "domain privacy." VentraIP offers this service for free and we highly recommend taking advantage of it as it will stop you being spammed by people trying to sell you websites! Hit continue on this page as well, we're nearly there... your discount will be applied on the next step.

domain privacy

You should now see a balance of $0.00 on the right hand side, and you will see a discount code has been applied. Hit the checkout button!


The final page will ask you for your contact details. Make sure you use an email that you will be able to access because you will need to verify your domain before you can start building your website!