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Domain names, hosting and DNS – Oh My!

What does this mean?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. When setting up a website, there are four things that work together to tell people how to find your site on the internet. We're going to try and explain them so you don't feel so overwhelmed with the terminology!

a) Domain Name
Let's pretend your website is a business. Your domain name is the name of that business - the thing people use to identify you, like "She Codes" is the name of our organisation. Our domain name is ""
Your domain name will be the one you choose at the start of the following process. Your domain is registered with a domain name registrar. Many registrars also offer hosting (and many hosting companies are also registrars - we know it's super confusing!)

It is significantly less important who you register your domain name with than who you have hosting with!

b) Hosting
Hosting refers to the place on the internet where your website (the content & code) is stored. If your domain name is your 'business name' then your hosting is like your physical office location. Just like a business, a website contains stuff - and that stuff needs to be kept somewhere.
Because hosting takes up space, we have to pay for it somewhere down the line.

She Codes has partnered with a company called VentraIP for our workshops, and they give all our attendees 3 months free hosting & free ".co" domain registration. We recommend them as a quality hosting provider based in Australia.

c) DNS
DNS (Domain Name System) is like the signposts that tell you how to get to the physical office location we mentioned earlier. The DNS tells the internet where to find your hosting.

d) Name Servers
Your name servers are configured when you complete your domain name registration. These tell the internet where to find the signposts that point people who are looking for your website to the right place. Because we've registered both our Domain Name & Hosting with the same company, our nameservers have automatically been set for us!