Software Engineer

Impact Sustainability is a small female-led climate tech helping businesses across Australia take meaningful action on climate change.
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Software Engineer

Impact Sustainability
- Melbourne/Remote

Who we are
Impact Sustainability helps businesses across Australia take meaningful action on climate change. We’re
a small female-led climate tech based in Australia, with flexible work options so we can bring passionate
and experienced people together to make change.

Through our suite of products our aim is to provide businesses with the skills and knowledge of a climate
team, without the financial and skills hurdles that come with that. We currently offer a comprehensive
emissions management platform, and are in the process of adding three exciting new products to our

Joining our team is not just about a job. We’re all deeply passionate about climate action and believe in
making tools and resources more accessible to everyone. To us this is not about competing for the
biggest market share – it’s a fight to keep our planet liveable, and restore the damage we’ve caused for
future generations.

About the role

As we grow our team, we want to ensure we continue to support those underrepresented in tech and
maintain diversity in our teams. For this position, we are specifically looking for people who identify as
female, queer, non-binary, or first nations Australian.

You’ll join a small collaborative team where, with the support of your peers, you’ll be responsible for
developing products, adding new features, paying down tech debt, and ensuring code works seamlessly
in production.

While our engineers may specialise in front-end or back-end, as you grow into the role you’ll be
expected to pitch in across the full stack. If you’ve only had experience in large corporate or government
environments where your role and processes are well defined, you’ll likely struggle with our ways of

Your work will be focussed on our flagship product, our emissions management platform. We’re
currently working to revamp it, and are building Version 3.0 with Node.js on the back end (with
Postgres), and React on the front end. We’re adding a suite of new features while we’re at it, and you’ll
be diving straight into the new build when you start!

Like all roles at Impact Sustainability, you should be an excellent communicator (with both technical and
non-technical people), be passionate about climate action (and willing to up-skill on all things climate
science and carbon accounting), and be an all-round go getter and problem solver.

What does this entail?
No day at Impact Sustainability is the same. You’ll have the opportunity to work across different features
while you find your feet, with the option to specialise or take ownership over the things you’re
passionate about down the track.

Here’s some of the things you might do in your first few months, with support from your team:

  • Be trained in climate science and carbon accounting methodology so you’ve got the ability to
  • understand what sits at the core of our platform: emissions calculations.
  • Upgrade our data entry forms based on new designs, showing off your front-end skills, and
    ability to deliver to specifications.
  • Build a new component to enhance our product offering.
  • Optimise the performance of database queries associated with a new feature to ensure it’s
    performant, and stable under load.
  • Create a new reporting function to give customers the ability to interrogate their data, and
    apply your new emissions measurement knowledge.
  • Develop an API integration with third party software to automate data collection for customers.
  • Participate in new product scoping sessions, bringing your experience to the table and provide
    technical solutions to help ideas come to life.
  • Give constructive and practical feedback to your team in PR reviews.

What we’re looking for

You’re passionate about using your skills to solve problems.
You have high technical competence and are a capable mid to senior engineer. You produce quality
code, consider the product holistically, and the various features and edge-cases that may impact it.
When you hit roadblocks you bring forward solutions, not problems, and get input from the people you
need to keep moving forward.

You’re a manager-of-one
You don’t need a manager to check in and direct your workflow daily. You can work independently,
manage your own time, and prioritise your workload to ensure you meet deadlines. You know when you
need a hand, and won’t hesitate to ask for help.

You ship code and see it through to production
You understand that there’s a balance between writing perfect code, and actually shipping code. You
finish what you start, and don’t drop things when it gets hard. You’re happy to adjust your work in
response to feedback, and actively seek input from your team to help see it through to production.

You care about making a difference
We’re all here because we know we need climate action, now. You want that too and are committed to
the cause.

You’re experienced
We’re a small team, and are looking for an experienced full-stack engineer with experience building new
products in Node/React, ideally within a startup environment.

Why work with us?
You’d be joining a small, fun, and dedicated team of experts who are passionate about collaborating and
making climate action accessible. We work flexibly, focus on the important things, and dedicate our time
to getting on with the job.

Diversity – We’re an entirely women-led business, and are passionate about uplifting women, non-binary,
people of colour, first nations Australians, and other underrepresented communities in tech. We

know our climate solutions will be better if we have diverse people building them.

Co-creation – We don’t believe in trying to fit people into pre-defined boxes. When we find amazing
people who believe in what we’re doing, we’ll work together to design a job that fits both our needs.

Work-life-balance – Working here is about getting your work done, not clocking up hours. We respect
that everyone has a life outside, and offer flexible work hours so you have time to do the things that fill
your bucket.

Work from home – We have a combined team, with some roles working a hybrid model out of our
Albert Park office, and others working fully remote. We’ll consider candidates anywhere in Australia or
New Zealand for this position!

Leave – We offer flexible public holidays so you can celebrate the things that matter to you, alongside
your standard annual/sick/parental leave.

Training – We know we can only grow as a business if we invest in our people. We’ll support you to
learn new skills that will help us achieve our vision.

Team – We are collaborative and aim to get together for strategy days every few months to talk about
the future, outside of our day-to-day.

How to apply
To apply, email with your CV (digital, social, or web – we don’t
mind!) and a short note introducing yourself, why you’re excited about the role, and what’s the most
valuable thing you think you would bring to the team. Use the subject line “Software Engineer”.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until we find the right person.

How To Apply

Apply via email to