We run three types of programs ranging from one day through to six month programs teaching technical skills.
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New to Coding?

one day workshop

We run free one day workshops across Australia, open to women of all ages and experiences. The goal of these workshops is to inspire you to give coding a go, as you work through self-paced tutorials designed to help you get you a website or a game running in one day. Oh, and did we mention lunch and cupcakes are included thanks to our amazing sponsors and partners? 

flash: one week tech taster

Flash is a one week program, aimed at teaching the basics of key emerging fields in tech. We provide beginner friendly learning techniques taught by industry professionals, as well as the opportunity to continue learning post-program if you find that tech is right for you! Flash provides an alternate pathway for women to see if the tech industry is right for them, before diving into a long-term program, or career change.

plus: six month, tech immersion program

The Plus program is perfect for individuals who desire a tech career, but aren’t sure where to start. If you’re chasing the freedom of being able to work anywhere, interested in learning how to design websites, and exploring the jargon of the tech world, Plus is perfect for you! Running part-time over six months in states across Australia, this program will supercharge your tech career, connect you with industry professionals and provide post-program job connections.

New to Entrepreneurship?

female founders: five week, entrepreneurial program

The Female Founders program is a five week program, perfect for entrepreneurial women looking to grow their skills as a founder. If you have dreams of building your own successful business, this program will deliver the essential knowledge and skills needed for you to thrive. Not only will participants gain a comprehensive understanding in crucial business concepts, but they will also have the opportunity to connect with influential mentors, seasoned investors and industry-leading advisors.

no upcoming workshops or programs in your area?

Our tutorials are free and online…forever! Check them out via the link below, and start your tech journey now!