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We work with incredible organisations to support women in the tech industry through our weekend workshop, one week intensive program or our six-month course.

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It's not for your tech team, it's for every other department

If you’re looking to build technical capability and diversity in your team while building positive brand association, and providing upskilling opportunities to attract and retain staff, discover our She Codes partnership options.

Recruitment is expensive and time consuming, and often the most difficult part isn’t technical fit but cultural fit.

By upskilling your internal team, you can empower the women in your organisation to move into more technical roles.

Through our One for One approach, you are continually building a tribe of women from outside your organisation who understand how you do business, and have a positive association with your brand.

Partnership Benefits

  • Upskill your team and create a pool of women that are culture-aligned, skills-aligned and have a positive brand association with your organisation.

  • Increase internal capability from other parts of the business including HR, site based employees, and administrative staff.

  • Fostering an internal culture of diversity.

  • Recognition as an industry player leading the charge on diversity.

  • Brand association with a much loved Australian brand

  • Highly active and engaged community

  • More than just a coding program; increasing confidence, communication skills and community building

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One for One Approach

With our One for One approach, you not only upskill your team but women from the broader community, creating a pool of women that are culture-aligned, skills-aligned and have a positive brand association with your organisation.

She Codes Australia expanding opportunities to be future skill-ready

Over the last month, we have been working closely with both startups and corporates to provide women with further opportunities to broaden their skillsets, and become future ready. With 75% of the fastest growing jobs requiring technical skills, it’s important that we continue to upskill as we head towards the future of work. And in...
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Do you have a STEM background and want to improve your knowledge in analytics?

She Codes has partnered with Visago to deliver a one week, tech taster program dedicated to Data Science!
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She Codes have partnered with Purposeful to deliver She Codes Next

The latest program to join the She Codes repertoire is She Codes Next, a partnership with Purposeful to deliver a one week, full time, tech taster program to young women aged between 13 - 17.
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