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Getting to know python and django.
I spent more time mentoring the 2 friends I brought with on the turtle game so my win was more around being able to show others that coding isn’t that scary, that there is logic to it and it can be rewarding – persevering through the pain of debugging and getting an outcome.
I’m nearly halfway through my css course! :) I also loved all the supportive vibes *hugs*
Really enjoyed the buzz.
Finishing the python game
Its not rocket science just needs a lot of repetitive practice.It’s doable.
Really welcoming and relaxing
Get the chance other beautiful people And impressed with efforts of all she team
I like to learn more about python. I think I can self learn about HTML&CSS. More python problem solving please.
Meeting like minded people
I did it – 5 days of intense learning and it was great! :)
I finished the tutorial
I know more about coding which was the reason I attended.
Seeing how this work can apply to my research and hoping that it will help me understand my data more!
Meeting fantastic women who share my interest in coding.
Learned new skills understanding coding statements
learning CSS and knowing how it works
I loved being with such supportive women on my learning journey.
Meeting new people! Everyone is amazing :)
Not coding but I got over my shyness and used voice chat