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i learnt the basics of html. i enjoyed working from home at my own pace. less of a time commitment then going somewhere.
More Info about HTML
Finally started CSS!
Networking again, after being so isolated during isolation :/
Being able to make a game.
I made a functional game!!
I created a mostly functioning space turtle game!
I have a lot of things I don’t know yet, and he gave me some new knowledge I can use in the future again.
Connecting all the dots for all the HTML I’ve messed around with over the years!
Writing code in Python, it was like having a conversation with the computer. Feeling excited to start my coding journey!
I did it – 5 days of intense learning and it was great! :)
Learnt how to code HTML! Amazing!
Learning a new coding language & creating something fun.
The week was big and full of awesome learning! I did find that I learned more fromthe way Ben taught.
Creating my first computer game with a running turtle
I was able to get a clearer understanding of how to set up HTML tables & forms and understand the formatting.
Helped some people today
The excellent atmosphere for learning. A place away from my busy home life.
learning CSS and knowing how it works