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learn python from 0 to something
I created a mostly functioning space turtle game!
learned a lot of HTML!
Surprised how well organised the course content was
Coding isn’t intimidating at all
A win for me is learning more codes in this amazing environment
Learning new skills!
finished the HTML tute and about halfway through the CSS tute, all new info
I spent more time mentoring the 2 friends I brought with on the turtle game so my win was more around being able to show others that coding isn’t that scary, that there is logic to it and it can be rewarding – persevering through the pain of debugging and getting an outcome.
Being able to use WordPress
Talking to new people!
In terms of the social aspect of it, I met some lovely people and felt like I learnt a lot from them in the short amount of time we had together!
Learning the basics of HTML!
I was so excited when I figured out how to float my div
learned a new coding language (well I’ve started to)
Meeting amazing women passionate about learning new things :)
Meeting fantastic women who share my interest in coding.
I can read the tags in html and know what they’re doing to the webpage!
Understanding HTML forms. I could create this feedback form if I wanted. Now to find a reason to apply this to my life.
Meeting all the inspiring mentors