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Helped some people today
finished the HTML tute and about halfway through the CSS tute, all new info
I created a mostly functioning space turtle game!
I like to learn more about python. I think I can self learn about HTML&CSS. More python problem solving please.
Ended the week with lots of new knowledge
Each moment where I managed to problem solve or debug by myself felt like a little win :)
Created a game from scratch on python!
Being able to make post at the Django blog!!
Insight into coding and networking
introduced to html coding and wordpress- not so scary :)
Exploded my brain trying to understand django!
Making my turtle go around and around. Weeeee!
I haven’t worked on django before so it was a nice hands on for me to work on it.
I managed to get my program to run
Learning a new coding language & creating something fun.
The game was working fine! And it’s incredible that I picked up so much in such a short amount of time. I had never coded before, and this was a great way and place to start.
After a long time of trying to self-learn HTML for ages, I was finally able to complete the beginners course and start learning CSS to boot!
Got my own game working!!
Getting to know python and django.
I’m doing the WordPress tutorial – LOVE the level of detail, super helpful for a beginner like me :)