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Getting a free website and learning how to use it
I went to a stage which is absolutely not me and felt very comfortable talking to mentors and doing exercises.
I spent more time mentoring the 2 friends I brought with on the turtle game so my win was more around being able to show others that coding isn’t that scary, that there is logic to it and it can be rewarding – persevering through the pain of debugging and getting an outcome.
i learnt the basics of html. i enjoyed working from home at my own pace. less of a time commitment then going somewhere.
Learning a new coding language & creating something fun.
Python! It’s not ridiculously difficult
Learning some basic syntax in python
I enjoyed learning Python
Being able to finish my problem installing Django with the help of the wonderful mentors.
I know more about coding which was the reason I attended.
Connecting all the dots for all the HTML I’ve messed around with over the years!
Learnt where to go to keep building this skill
I remembered some things about Statistics!
Got my own game working!!
Meeting like minded people
First time having a go at HTML coding and I didn’t feel like it was beyond me!
Getting a better feel for what python is and how it can be used
I finished the tutorial
I had too many wins to include them all in this space.
After a long time of trying to self-learn HTML for ages, I was finally able to complete the beginners course and start learning CSS to boot!