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Meet the 21 women making waves in the tech industry through She Codes Plus

It wouldn’t be the She Codes team if we didn’t have multiple programs, workshops and events running at the same time! So, after getting back from Albany last weekend, and hosting a workshop in Perth tomorrow, we’re excited to announce our Brisbane Plus cohort and the 21 women joining us for the next six months to learn, code and connect with the STEM industry.

With goals to be employed as developers post-program, to learn from like-minded people, or to shape a successful career in the tech industry, this year’s cohort is full of people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and experience. 

Bel Lloyd shared that she’s most excited about the opportunity for empowerment. “Besides everything?! As a mum returning to work, whilst also wanting to enter a new industry I was feeling a little overwhelmed to say the least. Then I found She Codes and knew instantly how exciting a program like this is.” She shared. “I’m most excited about the opportunity for empowerment – presented to me as a woman, by a community of supportive women and the feeling that will come being surrounded by such incredibly talented, ambitious women.”

Bruna Selymes is looking forward to meeting the other girls in the program. “I’m excited to get connected with them, learn together and share the struggles and learning journey with them, as well as be able to follow each other’s progress and evolution.”

As mentioned above, we have 21 people joining us in this cohort thanks to our Mentor Give Back Program, a program that allows mentors to reinvest their earnings into the community. Because of this program, and the support from our mentors over the years, we’ve raised enough money to offer an extra place.

Running out of Hub Australia in Anzac Square and kicking off on June 15th, we can’t wait to watch these 21 women grow over the next six months under the guidance of our mentoring team. Meet the cohort below.

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One participant chose not to use her real name as part of this announcement, but we’re still adding a line here to recognise them as part of the program, and the community as a whole. 

She Codes!

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