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Our first Virtual Coding Party was a success! 

Even when the world is in lockdown, nothing can stop us from hosting our one day workshops, even if they’re online!

On Saturday morning, over 100 excited women were waiting to be invited into our Zoom Room to meet mentors, their coding buddies and to spend the day learning to code alongside each other. When 9AM hit, the (virtual) doors opened and we were so delighted to see everyone’s smiling faces with coffee in hand ready to start the day.

From start to finish, the whole day was truly an unbelievable experience. And we’re a little lost for words. So, let’s start with these ones.

“It was nerve-racking, but such an exciting process being able to connect women from around the world in a shared experience. It wasn’t by any means seamless, and we learn more with every online event we host, but it was a day we’ll never forget. To all the women who coded with us – you are all awesome” Kate Kirwin, She Codes founder shares. 

As always, we kicked the day off with a few icebreakers and unsurprisingly, found out that over 25% of attendees wished they had superpowers allowing them to talk to animals! Quizzing the girls, we found that everyone was feeling a little nervous, mostly excited and overall super happy to be involved in the day – which was exactly how our team was feeling (phew!).

We broke off into smaller groups to meet each other, and meet our amazing team of volunteer mentors and to discuss each tutorial available throughout the day, with a choice between beginner level HTML & CSS, WordPress, Django or Python. 

“Loved all the mentors’ enthusiasm and their interest in helping people learn and making the event fun,” one She Coder said. Another said, “My biggest win was writing code in Python, it was like having a conversation with the computer. I’m feeling so excited to start my coding journey!”

Another She Coder mentioned that “Learning HTML, having a dance party – eating a cupcake (or three)!” was the highlight of her day.

And of course, the day wouldn’t be complete with Sarah from Sarah Ford Fitness joining us for an afternoon dance break! Beyonce was put on repeat, as we all danced alongside each other for a much needed stretch.

“Sarah has been coming to our workshops for a while now. It wouldn’t be a workshop without an afternoon Pink and Beyonce stretch and dance break, and we’re so glad we could keep this tradition alive in the online event.” Kate shares.

We also can’t forget our competition winners! Our best post on socials was the Rutherford sisters who donned their best purple attire for the day. And our most engaged goes to Bec Millwood who had her cupcakes ready to go and finished the space turtle chomp game. They can expect a special She Codes surprise in their mail boxes shortly. 

We’re all a little tired, but completely full of inspiration following an amazing day, with incredible women. None of this would be possible without the continued support of our partners at Spacecubed, BHP, RAC WA, Robert Walters and Ventra IP. So to them, we say thank you. And to everyone who attended our very first coding party, we thank you.

Until next time!