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Who Codes? Angela Codes! Community Focus

As a mother of two boys who worked full-time in HR, Angela Moroney was looking for new tech skills when applying for the She Codes Plus cohort. Hear about her adventures over the six months below!

What you were doing before the program?
I worked part-time in HR and have been at BHP for 10 years and am also a mother of 2 young boys. I was looking to learn new skills and had been dabbling in some online courses.

What were your expectations of the program?
I knew that coming from a non-technology background would be a challenge, so I had mentally prepared for that and knew I would need to put in additional hours to keep up even though it’s a beginner course. I was excited to learn something new and future focused, and also meet other women doing the same. I was quite determined to complete the course and learn as much as possible and I had the support of my family and work team to do that.

What has been your biggest win?
Building projects like a weather app using a free weather api, building my own website hosted by github which gave us something tangible quickly to show our learning. Building a Django react to do app, building a chatbot and building a python game … all inspired from the learning in the course.

What’s next?
I have accepted a 12 month secondment in technology as a developer, which is a great opportunity to apply my learning and continue building my skills. I can see such huge potential to apply what I’ve learnt and am excited to see what the future holds and help others that are interested in doing the same.

I strongly believe that everyone needs some grounding in technology in today’s world and to meet the future demands, and I know that no matter where my path goes, I will take these skills with me.