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Who Codes? Lincoln Codes! Community Focus

Below, meet Lincoln, one of our Flash participants who was interested in learning new skills and meeting new people before joining us for a week of both!

Keeping an open mind, Lincoln logged in for our first virtual Flash program unsure of what to expect but was keen to learn new skills and meet new people. “The program was incredible for both!” she shares. “I felt like I learned a lot and what a great community of students and mentors! 

As our first program that was shifted to an online platform due to COVID-19, the She Codes team wanted to ensure that everyone still felt as though they were part of our community. For Lincoln, she said that the online format was way better than she had expected. “It was easy to follow along on the mentor’s screens and we still had opportunities to chat with one another.”

When asked what she enjoyed about the program, Lincoln shared. “I loved that the program demonstrated a variety of different coding skills to give us a taste of all of the possibilities. I also loved being “surrounded” by other women who were opening themselves up to try something new. The mentors were incredible at making everyone feel like they could ask questions and brilliant at helping us all troubleshoot our issues.” 

She continued, “My biggest win was finally being able to edit the website we had created! Being able to add new days was awesome but actually being able to edit the ones we had already created felt wonderful.”

So, what’s next for Lincoln?
“I am doing more coding. I am still working my way through PY4E and I was doing some of the courses on Pluralsight during April’s free month. I am also working my way up to coding in Python for my PhD research so constantly trying to learn, build, and develop my skills.”

To find out more about our Flash program, and how you can get involved, click here!