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Who Codes? Michelle Codes! Community Profile

In this week’s Community Profile, we hear from Michelle. A Perth Plus participant who is passionate about making a positive contribution every day. Through her tech journey, she has learnt solving problems, experimenting and creating new things with code is the perfect way to keep herself sane.

Check out her full story below!

1. How did your tech journey begin?

So, it all started when I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Suddenly I had all these 5-10 minute slots of time through my day (waiting for the barista to make my coffee, etc) and no Facebook to fill it with! 

So, I downloaded a bunch of iPhone apps that would teach me something new and when I started the Javascript one, it quickly became a daily habit. 2 years on, I’m well and truly addicted! I genuinely enjoy solving problems, experimenting, and creating new things with code – I just find it so fun. I’m now at the point where I can’t go for more than a day or two without doing some coding, otherwise I get a bit grumpy 🙂 

2. How has/will She Codes Plus impact your career path?

I’m not sure yet. I enjoy a lot of aspects of my current career path so it would be amazing if I could somehow merge both skill sets, but I will see what happens after the course. If I don’t change career, I will definitely keep coding in my spare time because it’s so fun, but it would be great to be able to do it as a job because then I’d get my spare time back to spend on other aspects of my life. 

3. What has been your favourite thing about She Codes Plus so far?

She Codes is awesome!! 

Firstly, you get to learn Python, which is such a versatile language that it can be used to create nearly anything you could dream up, and secondly, you get to learn it with a bunch of supportive, fun, interesting women. Thirdly, the teachers, coordinators and mentors are all so friendly and approachable and genuinely want to help. AND there’s cupcakes. So for me, the best thing about the course is that we are all having such a good time learning new skills. I didn’t really realise what I was missing out on before She Codes, when I was just learning on my own. 

4. What does success look like for you? 

For me, professional success means that I enjoy my work, I can pay my bills, and that my turning up to work has made a positive difference in some way. I’ve found that as long as I know I am making a positive contribution each day, I’ll feel pretty happy at work.

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