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Who Codes? Roxanne Codes! Community Profile

With a mission to pursue her goal of creating her own product, Roxanne had been trying to teach herself programming after work and over the weekend but kept hitting roadblocks. Roxanne decided to join some local meetups which is where she learnt about She Codes. And the rest, as she tells us below, is history.

What were you doing before the program?
I’ve been in administration all of my life, but I knew that I wanted to get into web/app development, to pursue my goals of creating my own product. I was trying to teach myself programming after work and on weekends but kept hitting roadblocks along the way. I felt like there was only so much I could teach myself and I really wanted more support. Plus sped things up. I didn’t have any friends who shared my interest in programming and really craved being able to discuss my problems and brainstorming ideas in person with others. So, I decided to join some local meetups. And that’s how I found out about She Codes. And the rest is history. I now have so many great friends and mentors around me. And my passion for coding just keeps growing.  

What were your expectations of the program?
I tried not to have too many expectations going in, I wanted to keep an open mind. I just hoped to learn enough to be able to pursue my goals of creating my own web apps. But also to become part of a community, surrounding myself with people in the industry who I can grow with and learn from. These hopes have been met and exceeded. I am now working on my own project, am a part of a great community and have made so many great friends along the way.

What has been your biggest win? 
I’ve never been surrounded by so many amazing, supportive people in my entire life. My biggest win is definitely being able to learn that I don’t need to pursue my goals alone.  

What’s next?
I’m looking forward to the never-ending learning and collaborating with others to achieve my goals.

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