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Who Codes? Sarah Codes; Community Focus

Through a series of blog posts, we’ll be sharing wins, updates and experiences from our She Codes Plus 2019 cohort, giving you an insight into their lives pre and post program! Below, hear from Sarah Levins on her journey over the last six months.

What you were doing before the program? 

I was always the kind of person that was ‘good with computers’, but ended up taking a different career path and hadn’t looked at any kind of programming since high school. For the last 6 years I have been a retail travel agent. Travel had always been a really big passion of mine, and the role involves a lot of different technologies and systems. These tend to be outdated and didn’t talk to one another. That sparked in me the desire to learn how to change that. 

What were your expectations of the program?

I went into the program thinking the class time would be very structured and it would feel a lot like going back to school. But it wasn’t! It actually ended up being very project based, giving us lots of freedom to work on design things the way we wanted. It was a refreshing way to learn. The amount of support and encouragement we got was unbelievable. 

What has been your biggest win?

I started the final project actually having enough experience to figure it out! I had the role of backend Django, and faced with the problem of creating a movie database API, I felt confident enough to ask the right questions, and was able to design and implement exactly what I wanted. It was an amazing feeling!

What’s next?

Hopefully a junior dev job of some sort!