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Meet the Pilbara Plus cohort who are supercharging their tech careers!

Earlier this month, we launched our very first Plus session in the Pilbara, with a full cohort of passionate women who are ready to supercharge their tech careers!

Running for the first time in the Pilbara, Plus is our six-month part time program aimed at people who are looking to upskill, get back into the tech industry or grow their career. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the WEB Business Hub this month as our program begins.

“We got to spend the first week of the program in Port Hedland meeting the cohort, and getting to know their goals for the next six months,” Program Lead, Holly Keogh shared. “Given that we spent so much time on Zoom in 2020, it’s already been a massive win that we get to be in person!”

After recently hosting our one week program in Port Hedland, it’s exciting to see that there’s further interest in learning and growing technical skills in a longer program. Previous participants have shared that the one week program was a perfect invitation into coding. “My biggest win was being welcomed into a great group of inviting people, while also learning multiple whole-new languages from scratch and being able to create code independently with them!”

Another, shared that even though it was challenging, it was an exciting step forward. “I really enjoyed the taste of coding and it’s something I find quite challenging, but I know that I want to master it. I would also like to master it to the point of the mentors so I can share my knowledge one day and teach others.”

With both local and remote mentors working with us on this program, we’re bringing together the lessons learnt during our one week program to make this iteration more special than ever. We even have a local developer from Karratha driving in to join us!

So, stay tuned and follow us on socials to see more updates on this program.

This program has been made possible through support through the Regional Economic Development (RED) grant program, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Pilbara Development Commission, BHP, WEB Business Hub, and Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Because who codes?

If you want to learn more about our partnership opportunities, including how you can champion women in tech and in your community, head to our partnership page to download our full package.