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We’re looking for mentors to join our community!

As a growing community, with a goal of inspiring 100,000 women by 2025, we’re so grateful for the support of our mentoring team, and we’re always looking for new mentors to join us and help us on our mission.

Currently, we’re on the hunt for mentors in Brisbane who are passionate about inspiring women and creating a sustainable ecosystem of developers and women in tech! With our upcoming Plus program kicking off in May and running until October, we need more lead and industry mentors to help us as we grow. We have a number of flexible, paid positions available per program – open to mentors of any experience level, age and gender.

If one of the positions below sounds like you, or someone you know, head to our Mentor page and apply today.

Lead Mentor
The Lead Mentor it’s the main point of contact for students and other mentors at She Codes Plus. You will lead and deliver classes for different modules (HTML/CSS, Python, Django, or React), which means being on top of content, format, exercises, platforms and all other tools involved in the Program.

Ideal for: People with experience both in the technical side (with a strong background in one or more of our 4 focus languages) as well as experience in teaching, who is comfortable public speaking and managing a cohort of students.

Industry Mentor
The Industry Mentor is one of the key differences between She Codes Plus and most coding programs in the market or, as we like to call, one of our “cupcake factors”. You will not only support students with their projects, but also provide industry expertise such as sharing stories about the real world application of the skills, and insight into their industry and organisation. You are a source of expertise and inspiration!

Ideal for: Software developers who have worked or are currently working in industry who want to have a hands on role in mentoring and supporting the She Coders. A background in formal mentoring (through She Codes or other events) or experience mentoring juniors in your workplace is preferable.

Commitment: at least 1 content module (3-5 weeks, 2 sessions a week), being present on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings classes

Junior Mentor
The Junior Mentor will work with the lead mentor and team of mentors to support students in their projects. You will also engage with the students to ensure they feel part of a welcoming group, sharing your journey, expertise and experience learning.

Ideal for: Alumni of She Codes programs, students, and developers who are new to the industry.

Commitment: at least 1 content module (3-5 weeks, 2 sessions per week), being present on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings classes

Volunteer Mentor
The Volunteer Mentor is our “drop-in” Industry or Junior Mentor. You will support and inspire the students with a bit more flexibility.

Ideal for: Mentors who want to come and support the cohort for a week, without actively being involved in the students projects or ongoing learning journey. 

Commitment: at least 1 content week, being present 1 Wednesday night and 1 Saturday

What’s in it for you?

  • The opportunity to sharpen your tech skills
  • The opportunity to practice your public speaking skills
  • A networking opportunity with other industry mentors and, maybe, your next hire
  • A coveted She Codes mentor t-shirt in your size
  • The warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting up-and-coming women in tech
  • The chance to work with a supportive, fun team

If one of the above mentors sounds just like you, join us on our journey to teach and inspire women. Head to today to get started!