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Who Codes? Anna Codes! Community Focus

Some people say that timing is everything, and for Anna, it was! Ready for a change in career direction, Anna applied for the She Codes Plus program and now has the confidence to explore new challenges in the tech industry.

What you were doing before the program?
Before I started the She Codes Plus program I was on a career break looking after a young child. Prior to starting maternity leave, I had been working in academia as a researcher and lecturer in Biomedical Science.

My research focus was on the health impacts associated with environmental exposures, with a particular focus on child health. The part of my work that I enjoyed the most was the data management and analysis. I realised that over time these processes were becoming more complex and data sets were getting larger, so the skills needed to work effectively in this area were changing. As a result I became increasingly interested in coding and started to learn Python due to the range of data science applications. I really enjoyed the online courses I was doing and wanted to learn more. Then I heard about the She Codes Plus program. I felt ready for a change in career direction and this seemed like perfect timing for me.

What were your expectations of the program?
Looking back, I was really unsure as to what my expectations of the Plus program were. The list of topics to be covered in the course seemed ambitious and I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to cope with the material, let alone use the course as a springboard to a new career direction. But I decided that I had nothing to lose!

What has been your biggest win?
My biggest win has been realising that I can survive (and thrive!) on a programming course. It has been a challenging program, but being surrounded by such a fabulous cohort of women, all supporting and encouraging one another, has been such a fantastic experience. 

What’s next?
The program has given me the confidence to step away from my old career and explore new challenges and directions in tech. I am currently applying for development roles and am really excited to see what the New Year brings.

If you’re inspired by Anna’s story, apply today for the 2020 cohort of She Codes Plus. Simply click here to learn more and get started on your application today!