Are you ready to supercharge your career in technology?


Are you ready to supercharge your career in technology?

She Codes Plus is a program providing an alternate learning pathway within tech. The Plus program is perfect for you if your desire is to enter a tech career, to learn application development or you think tech skills will help your professional career. 


We offer Plus on a part-time basis, outside of business hours, making it perfect for full-time workers or women returning to the workforce. 

Participants will undertake five unique projects over a six month period focussed on building an enterprise web application using HTML/CSS, Python, Django and React JS. And the best part? No prior experience is necessary!

What Will I Learn?

The program is structured around five projects which you will complete across the period of the program. We focus on six technologies which will prepare you for careers post-program with our industry partners.


Develop your own personal portfolio page to host your work using HTML and CSS.


Use Python programming to create a machine learning program to predict the weather.


Create an interactive web application in Python using Django, open-source web framework.

Cloud Deployment

Deploy your projects with cloud computing services.


Store your code online to make changing it and collaborating on it simple!

React js

Add interactive functionality to your web app with React, a popular JavaScript library.


Thanks to the support of our current partners BHP, New Industries WA and Spacecubed, we’ve been able to offer fully-funded scholarship positions to 63 women since 2019.

Meet the 21 women making waves in the tech industry through She Codes Plus

With goals to be employed as developers post-program, to learn from like-minded people, or to shape a successful career in the tech industry, this year’s cohort is full of people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and experience.
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Meet the Pilbara Plus cohort who are supercharging their tech careers!

Earlier this month, we launched our very first Plus session in the Pilbara, with a full cohort of passionate women who are ready to supercharge their tech careers!
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Are you living in the Pilbara and ready to supercharge your tech career?

We’re excited to kick off 2021 with the announcement that Plus is coming to the Pilbara! And, what’s more? We want to hear from you on how best we can support you throughout the program.
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Who Codes? Michelle Codes! Community Profile

In this week’s Community Profile, we hear from Michelle. A Perth Plus participant who is passionate about making a positive contribution every day.
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Who Codes? Ellen Codes! Community Profile

Coming towards the halfway point of our Plus Program in Perth, we sat down with a few of the women in the cohort to hear more about their tech journey, from how it began, to where they’re headed next.
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Who Codes? Fanny Codes! Community Profile

After coming to a few one day workshops and engaging with the She Codes community, Fanny applied for She Codes Plus and was one of the 25 women to be selected. With her tech journey starting again, she has new roles and new goals.
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Our goal is to get 100,000 women in tech! We actively encourage diversity, including but not limited to:

  • Women wanting roles in tech,
  • Mothers coming back in to the workforce,
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women,
  • Women wanting complimentary skills,
  • Recent immigrants to Australia,
  • Recent high school graduates and,
  • You!