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A mighty birthday celebration and incredible one day workshop in Perth

On March 6, we celebrated our sixth birthday alongside the most incredible and passionate group of coders, mentors and our She Codes team. Find out what we got up to below!

For anyone who has been to one of our one day workshops before, we tend to follow a similar pattern each time. Coding, cupcakes, Beyonce*, dance break and by the end of the day, many participants have a new skill they are ready to take on the world with.

*Not the queen herself, but her music – so close enough right?

To celebrate our birthday, there was of course going to be coding and cupcakes, but there were a few surprises thrown in along the way to make it extra special. From our brand new photo booth and media wall to a mini-adventure exploring the space and meeting our partners, we’re so thankful to everyone who came along to celebrate with us.

Over 100 participants enjoyed access to a range of brand-new tutorials in HTML, Django, Python, and WordPress, giving them the chance to make a website or create a game from scratch. And with over 30 volunteer mentors on site, some of them being our alumni, participants had plenty of support throughout the day.

“I can’t believe it’s been six years of Perth{web}Girls, and now She Codes. I am grateful everyday for what I get to do, and can’t wait for the next six years and where we go from here.” Founder, Kate Kirwin shared.

“Having our birthday on the same day as a one day workshop, really brings us back to our roots and where we came from. We started by doing this. Giving women the chance to learn in a safe community, alongside others who are like them. And while we’ve adapted to have new programs and support more women over the years, our one day workshop will always be that first step into the tech industry for many people.”

Some of the wins from the day include:

  • It was really awesome to hear from different people in the industry and also cupcakes!!
  • I lost my fear of breaking my computer while coding
  • I was able to help the girl sitting next to me, which gave me great confidence
  • I started a new skill and found a great new interest
  • Reinforcement that tech roles have no gender. Girls can do as much as men!

Backed by the continuous support of BHP, RAC, Robert Walters, House Digital, VGW and Spacecubed, She Codes have been able to increase their offerings to meet the growing demand across the years. Now hosting a one day workshop every quarter, as well as one week program Flash, and a six month program Plus, She Codes are able to help women break down the barriers to enter tech careers.

Applications for both Plus, our 6 month part-time program in the Pilbara, and Next, our youth tech program in Perth are now open. Find out more and apply here or if you’re interested in being a supporter of She Codes, reach out to today to find out how you can help us achieve our mission.

To see the full album of celebrations at our sixth birthday and workshop, click here!