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Big News For 2024!

I have some huge and exciting news to share.

She Codes has been on such an incredible journey over the last nine years of supporting women in tech Australia-wide. In its earliest days, She Codes started with a small committee and since then, it has grown beyond what we could have imagined. I am so proud of the impact we have made throughout the years.

Spacecubed has played a key part in our story, providing us with an amazing home throughout our infancy and childhood years, but now that we’re approaching our teenage years, it’s time for us to find our own two feet.

Which means (…drum roll please!), that from January 1, 2024, She Codes will be incorporated into its own entity and I will step into the role of CEO. I am excited about the possibilities this opens up, both for me personally and for the community. 

Just to get a sense of the scale of the work we have done – when we first started measuring impact the data was showing the number of women in tech to be sitting at 28% nationally. That number is now 31%. We have supported more than 7,000 women directly through Workshops and Programs, and have interacted with thousands more. We have taught 236 women through the Plus program, 168 through Flash and supported more than 200 women to get into jobs in tech.

So, what does all of this mean?

Fundamentally, nothing will change – you’ll still find us at, wearing purple, serving cupcakes, empowering women, and having a lot of fun doing it. The one thing that will change is my email will now be

For our current students, absolutely nothing changes for you, we will keep delivering the same epic program until April 2024 and watching you kick goals in your coding journey.

Sadly, these changes have also meant we’ve had to say goodbye to some of the people behind the brand. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Brodie, Ophelie, Lauren for their ongoing support, and team members along the journey including Angela Jacques, Isabel Kasten, Cindy Hernandez, Tracy Rothery, Lelani Parker, Holly Keogh, Hayley Stewart. 

I’d also like to shout out to Oliver Lavers who is continuing his contract as Lead Educator, and all our other amazing Lead Mentors inc Jo Minney, Brigette Hendersonhall, Rebecca Howard, Alexander Karan, Andrew Bloyce, Carlie Hamilton, Asli Yoruk, Lachlan Young, Bel Lloyd, Maria Claydon.

For our past and current program partners – THANK YOU for all your continued support. The work doesn’t end here and I hope that you will continue to back me and other women in tech initiatives going forward. As a sole founder and small business, I would really appreciate your support in the next phase of our growth. 

If you are interested in supporting me in the next phase of She Codes – please comment below and lets make 2024 a killer year for women in tech.