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Let’s all just press pause

Given the state of the world right now, there’s never been a better time to focus on the small, but great stuff. Like, reading a good book or listening to your favourite song. The small things that when the anxiety of the world gets too much, you can deep dive right into them, wearing, of course, your favourite comfy socks.

So, press pause on life for a while and enjoy some of our team’s favourite recommendations!

Kate Kirwin, She Codes Founder

Kate is the founder of She Codes, an events and community building guru, and a lover of cats, baking, people and technology.

Kate’s Recommendations:

I watched this movie in cinemas twice and honestly, could watch it again. Fantastic cast with Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron telling the story of the Fox News scandal. My favourite part of it is the way they did the music and sound effects – very well executed! And a great reminder that women who band together really can make a huge change.

Becoming Wise Podcast
Depth and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Host Krista Tippett has conversations with hundreds of different people tackling the big topics of how to have wise and graceful lives. Each episode is under 10 minutes. Reset your day. 

You Need to Calm Down, by Taylor Swift
This song came on when I was grocery shopping the other day and it was a great reminder just to take a minute, be calm, and help others rather than coming from a place of judgement. Plus, the upbeat energy can’t help but make me smile!

Lauren Quinn, Marketing Coordinator

Lauren is a content, coffee and cat lover who has been working with She Codes to share their mission, and reach their goal by 2025.

Lauren’s Recommendations:

Becoming by Michelle Obama
Is it possible for me to order one million copies of this book just to read every time I am feeling low? If you haven’t yet read it – I cannot recommend it enough!

Free Workouts with Keep it Cleaner
I absolutely love the girls behind Keep it Cleaner! Steph and Laura are offering ways in which we can continue to stay connected, but also encourage overall wellbeing during this challenging time with a range of free live online workouts to help you remain calm and active with an inspiring community.

Penny Locaso on The Offline Podcast 
As a self-proclaimed happiness hacker, Penny embodies everything the world needs right now! She’s light, she’s inspirational, and listening to her speak with Alison Rice on this episode of The Offline Podcast was like sitting down with two old friends, who know how to articulate exactly how you feel.

Holly Keogh, Program Coordinator

Holly’s been working with She Codes since last year and has self-titled herself as slightly obsessed with anything dogs and tech!

Holly’s Recommendations:

The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri
A sad but insanely humbling story. While it’s a work of fiction, the writer worked in a refugee camp in Greece for two summers. A book that could not put down – and will most likely not help your productivity with working from home!

Normal People by Sally Rooney
A strange and raw story for two uni students and friends living in Ireland. I was seriously obsessed with this book. I just love the way Irish writers write – I can’t put my finger on it but it makes me feel happy. 

What about sharing the love?
If you have a social friend that isn’t dealing well with working from home, let them know you are thinking about them with a bunch of lovely flowers delivered to their door, while also supporting the local industry at this time! is a favourite of mine at the moment. 

Banana Bread
My go-to, and only thing, I can make without looking at a recipe. Here’s my go-to:

2 bananas, 2 eggs, 1 ⅓ cup of flour (if you can get your hands on any), ⅓ cup of sugar, ½ cup of vegetable oil, ¼ cup of milk, 1tsp baking powder, 1tsp vanilla essence. 

Mix all the items together, grease and flour your baking tin. 

Cook for 30/35 minute. 


Isabelle Goldfarb, Impact Manager

Isabelle is a mentor, leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about leading and implementing projects that empower people and promote change.

Isabelle’s Recommendations:

Brene Brown
Although the TED Talk on Vulnerability might be a cliche considering its more than 46million views, she has a wide range of videos, books and even a Netflix special. I quite enjoyed listening to Dare to Lead on Audible while working out or coming to work, and feel like it’s very applicable to what we are living right now.

How I Built This with Guy Raz Podcast
Can I recommend my own podcast? If Plus Eight is not an option, then I’d go with How I Built This. Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies, weaving a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.

How you can get involved!

Want to share your recommendations with us? Click here to access a template to share on your social media with your favourite recommendations during this time! Make sure to tag us at @shecodesaus so we can see what you love and share with our community.