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She Codes, 1 Day Workshop

Wrapping up another incredible one day workshop, the She Codes team was so excited to be joined by over 150 women as they came together to learn, be inspired and to show their interest in the tech industry. 

“We had an unprecedented level of interest shown for this event,” She Codes founder, Kate Kirwin tells us. “Capacity was reached in just a few hours, and our waitlist steadily grew to over 160 women in the weeks following the initial ticket release.” 

Last Saturday, participants enjoyed access to a range of online tutorials and mentors for HTML, Django, Python, and WordPress, giving them the chance to make a website or create a game from scratch. In addition to this, the room was filled with Beyonce, fantastic lunch options, regular stretch breaks and of course, signature cupcakes. 

Michelle Sandford started as an attendee of the workshops, and last weekend she attended as a mentor, helping and encouraging other women to pursue their interest in the industry. 

She tells us, “I used to read those articles about women who had zero coding experience, and then they attended a three month boot camp and became engineers – and I wondered how real that was. Then I attended a couple of She Codes Workshops and a Muses JS one – and realised that by the 3rd one, I was able to help those around me, and I was ready to step-up as a mentor.”

“Doing #100DaysOfCode also helped me. I was lost at first, confused by the slightest thing, and soooooo frustrated. But by Day 30 I was so happy, stuff was making sense, I was creating stuff, I was building stuff – and when I was stuck, I reached out and my community helped me. She Codes is a great place to get started and find your community. I’m so happy they were part of my journey, and I can continue to be part of theirs.”

“My favourite thing is watching the confidence grow in women as they transition from attendee to mentor, and to see the peer to peer training work so well throughout the day.” Kate Kirwin shares.

Backed by the support of BHP, RAC, Robert Walters, New Industries WA and Spacecubed, She Codes have been able to increase their offerings to meet the growing demand across the years. Now hosting a one day workshop every quarter, as well as one week program Flash, and a six month program Plus, She Codes are able to help women break down the barriers to enter tech careers.

Applications for Flash, our one week taster program, are now open with 10 fully sponsored space available to teach women the basics of the key emerging fields in tech. To learn more about Flash, click here, or if you’re interested in being a supporter of She Codes, reach out to today to find out how you can help us achieve our mission.