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Who Codes? Bronwyn Achemedei Codes!

Get to know Bronwyn Achemedei, She Codes Plus alum. In an interview conducted this year, Bronwyn states that before discovering and starting the six-month coding program, she was completing a PhD in medical microbiology. During this time, she reflected on what she wanted to pursue in terms of a career and began to experiment by learning about data science.

This newfound interest led Bronwyn to the She Codes program. What drew her into the program initially was her interest in software engineering, and the constant small problems that someone working in this role must solve daily. Bronwyn found this problem-solving aspect satisfying and fun, and it has led her to love the role in tech she’s currently in.

After completing the Plus Program with She Codes, Bronwyn stated that finding a job in the tech industry without a degree and as a woman has been a lot easier than she and most people would think, adding that people in the industry today seem to be open to more diverse groups getting involved and beginners starting out, with a lot offering support.

When reflecting on what she’s most proud of in her career so far, Bronwyn discussed getting a promotion to software engineer within six months of starting her initial role. She also stated the fact that she started as the only female in her team, however today, she is joined by eight other females, showcasing the increasing inclusivity and diversity in the industry.

When asked what advice Bronwyn would give to someone considering a career in tech, she goes on to encourage pursuing the workshops and programs She Codes has to offer.

“It was the best decision,” she states.

To conclude, she goes on to discuss the abundance of opportunities in the industry today and in the future. For Bronwyn’s full story, watch the full interview here