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Who Codes? Emma Codes! Community Focus

Emma joined our latest Flash program to pursue an interest she had in the industry and to build on the skills she already had. As one of the participants for our very first virtual program, hear her experiences below!

Prior to being accepted into the Flash cohort, Emma had some knowledge around the theoretical side of coding, including practical application in SQL and VBA, so was hoping to discover more about Python and HTML/CSS. “Mainly I wanted to know more about what I didn’t know when it comes to the tech world,” she shares. “And now, after completing the program, I find myself frustrated when I come across poorly designed websites as I know the backend stuff, and how it can be made better!”

When asked what she enjoyed about the program, Emma simply stated. “A shorter answer would be what didn’t I love about it? And that would be that I’d just love to have done more!” With only five days to learn the basics of the key emerging fields in tech, our Flash program offers women a chance to “taste test” tech and find out what they enjoy the most.

“Knowing that it was just a bit of a taste tester – it did its job well!” she shares. “It was well scheduled and facilitated, and it still felt personable even though it was run online/remotely. The added touch of the ‘She Codes care pack’ made it feel even more inclusive, really appreciated that!” 

With each of the participants, we asked them to share their biggest wins of the week, whether it was one of the programs, the cupcakes or the chance to connect with other women, and for Emma it was seeing results from her written code. “The coding hardware day was my favourite, and seeing real world results from code written is fairly motivating to want to do more, but in saying that, the website coding and getting my ‘contact me’ page to work as well – that was also a good win!”

So, what’s next for Emma?
“I have been playing around with my MicroBit, and I have coded it to be a random exercise selector so that I can keep daily movement up while working from home and breaking up my day. I have been intending to finish up my website (mainly as a show and tell for my work / management team to display my new skills!) and I really want to code an app – so if there are any She Codes app coding courses in the works – sign me up!!”

To find out more about our Flash program, and how you can get involved, click here!