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Who Codes? Jacinta Codes! Community Profile

Meet Jacinta from our Pilbara Plus cohort of 2021, as she shares her story on entering the tech industry, creating a new career path with increased opportunities for herself and how the She Codes Plus program has helped her on her journey. 

How did your tech journey begin?

My tech journey essentially started with She Codes. I had become lazy with tech, at home I always had my husband or dad to help me and at work we had an IT department, so why would I need to know about this stuff. This also led to a lack of confidence with tech.

It wasn’t until I finished my second university degree that I was doing a skills stock take on myself and discovered I have a lot of theoretical knowledge but maybe I was lacking in some practical skills. Also, none of my qualifications were relevant to my current industry, mining. 

When I stumbled upon the Pilbara Plus Program opportunity it seemed like the perfect opportunity to diversify my skills and push myself to learn something I was intimidated by. 

How will She Codes Plus impact your career path?

My career is on a winding path… I can already see opportunities for me to utilise the skills I have learned from She Codes Plus in my current organisation. I think the main impact will be the diverse opportunities it opens, even outside of my current sector. 

What has been your favourite thing about She Codes Plus so far?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite thing… When it comes down to it, I enjoy the support I receive from the mentors and my cohort. Every week they encourage me to try new things and accept that errors are part of the learning experience. 

What does success look like for you?

Success to me looks like not giving up. I have a very busy life juggling family, work, friends, and volunteering in my community. This makes finding time to dedicate to study difficult. There have been many challenging times where I could have just stopped showing up and not submitted assignments but instead, I focus on what I have achieved. Every module is a new opportunity to learn and build my confidence.

If She Codes has taught me anything it’s to give it a try and see.

A big thank you to WEB Business Hub, Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce Inc (PHCCI), BHP, and Pilbara Development Commission (PDC) for their support in this regional program.

To find out more about how you can get involved in creating greater diversity across the tech industry, and stay globally competitive in the future of work, reach out to our team today to discuss our partnership opportunities.