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Who Codes? Karen Lopez Codes!

Get to know Karen Lopez,  who recently graduated from the She Codes Plus program in Perth. Below she shares her experience with the program.

When asked how her tech journey began. Karen shares that she began dabbling in code when she was helping people put together courses and landing pages to sell online.

“Most all-in-one e-learning platforms allow a certain degree of customisation, which requires basic coding knowledge. Learning the basics gave me a good case of the coding bug, and a curiosity to learn more, which I did through online coursework.”

When asked how she first discovered She Codes. She stated that she came across She Codes on Instagram.

“I was searching for more local groups for women like me, who are on the same learning journey and I came across the She Codes Instagram page”.

Karen also shared how the program impacted her and will help her future career path.

“The program has provided fantastic networking opportunities, which I would not have otherwise had if I completed this journey alone. It has also exposed me to more careers in tech, other than software development and engineering.”

“I also feel that being exposed regularly to so many women who are active in this industry, has been an incredible source of inspiration for me, particularly when they have made the change from a similar industry. When I look at where past She Coders are, I know it’s possible to achieve what I have in mind.” She continued. 

When asked what her favourite thing about the program was, she shared that it was the introduction to python, alongside the constant networking opportunities and events.

“Aside from catering exclusively to women, this is a great point of difference which sets the program apart from other similar programs.”

Lastly, she left the message for those who are considering learning to code, or applying for the She Codes Plus program. 

“Don’t lose momentum and really give yourself the opportunity to explore this properly. There are so many possibilities out there, in this ever-expanding industry, you just need to start and be disciplined in continuing the journey. You’ll find your way!”. She concluded.

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