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Writing code in Python, it was like having a conversation with the computer. Feeling excited to start my coding journey!
i learnt the basics of html. i enjoyed working from home at my own pace. less of a time commitment then going somewhere.
Networking again, after being so isolated during isolation :/
Talking to new people!
Meeting women in tech industry and learning their story.
Re-confirmation to myself that tech industry is for women also!
Learnt soooooo much, have a fundamental understanding of machine learning now, which was completely new to me
Being able to make post at the Django blog!!
Knowing that there is a group that empower women in Tech field is great.
Creating my first computer game with a running turtle
Finishing the python game
Really enjoyed the buzz.
I remembered some things about Statistics!
good resource and networking
Making my turtle go around and around. Weeeee!
The mentors and overall course was awesome, plus the cup cakes!
Meeting all the inspiring mentors
finished the HTML tute and about halfway through the CSS tute, all new info
Loved it. Put some knowledge to the trial & error coding I have been doing. May now understand the reference sheets!
Insight into coding and networking