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Who Codes? Ellie Codes! Community Focus

With an unwavering passion for the tech industry, Ellie had been working two jobs and completing online courses and attending meetups in her free time before finding out about the She Codes Plus Program. Now, just a few months after her graduation, she has quit her two jobs and has accepted a full-time role as a developer. Read her full story below!

What were you doing before the program?

My journey is more complicated than you can imagine and being an immigrant just made it more complex, so in short, I was working in two jobs for the past 3 years as an office admin during the day and waitressing during the night.

I have always loved programming ever since the first HTML page that I created when I was 14. I did a lot of different jobs in my life and always tried to bring technology to them, but I always wanted to be a developer and never gave up on that dream by doing online courses and attending meetups to at least learn about new technologies.

What were your expectations of the program?
I was kind of sure there is no way I’m going to learn all of this stuff in 5 months and just wanted to learn as much as I can, but it turned out when the bone structure of the program has been designed by the best people in the industry, you can learn them all and even master in some of them.

Also, I was so worried that the course probably required a lot of self-study and with 2 jobs it was going to be quite impossible to catch up, but as it was project-based, you would learn stuff by actually doing each project, so that part wasn’t hard anymore and working on my projects became my hobby.

What has been your biggest win?
My biggest win was the motivation, inspiration and encouragement I received from people I got to know during the program. I never thought I was good enough in any aspects of my life but they literally pushed me to be better, to do better, and constantly reminded me how good I am which gave me the courage to leave my job and focus on my passion.

What’s next?
Well! Here I am sitting in front of my laptop with job offers (yes more than one!) in my email. 

In less than a month after our graduation, I am finally about to start working as a developer very soon and I promised myself to do the same thing that Shecoders did for me for the rest of my life to help people to know their potential.

Ellie was recently interviewed by program partners, Robert Walters about her journey – check it out below!

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