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Earlier this month, our Brisbane cohort gathered at the beautiful Newstead Studios to attend the much-anticipated Masterclass Day. With guest speakers sourced from the local dev community, it was an opportunity for the students to learn from industry experts about topics like machine learning, cloud, design systems, accessibility, and frontend frameworks. While some students were … Read more

As part of our Brisbane Plus cohort, Shelley shares her journey through the six month program below, including what her favourite parts have been, how her career path has been impacted and more! Check it out. How did your tech journey begin?  I have always been interested in technology but my tech journey didn’t really … Read more

We are so excited to announce our upcoming Perth Plus Cohort, kicking off in November 2021 and running for six months into the middle of 2022. With the pandemic creating an increased demand for STEM workers, the need for technical skills is higher than ever. According to The Australian, 1 million tech jobs are needed … Read more

Meet Jacinta from our Pilbara Plus cohort of 2021, as she shares her story on entering the tech industry, creating a new career path with increased opportunities for herself and how the She Codes Plus program has helped her on her journey.  How did your tech journey begin? My tech journey essentially started with She … Read more

At four months into our Brisbane Plus 2021 program, it’s incredible to see how far the cohort has come since day one when we opened Visual Studio Code for the first time. Since then, a group of lovely mentors from the local tech community have guided our students through the trials and triumphs of learning … Read more