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It’s no surprise to say that it’s been a big year here at She Codes HQ. We’ve spent more than 630 hours working in our programs, in six cities, across three states. But, you can read more about all of that and more in this blog here.  Today, I’m here to share with you all … Read more

With a mission to pursue her goal of creating her own product, Roxanne had been trying to teach herself programming after work and over the weekend but kept hitting roadblocks. Roxanne decided to join some local meetups which is where she learnt about She Codes. And the rest, as she tells us below, is history. … Read more

This week, in an article on Business News, we heard from She Codes Plus alumni, Roxanne Barnes, Sarah Levins and Ellie Salimi on the barriers that blocked them from starting a career in tech, and how finding She Codes helped them achieve both their personal and professional goals. Ellie, who travelled a long way to … Read more

As a growing community, with a goal of inspiring 100,000 women by 2025, we’re so grateful for the support of our mentoring team, and we’re always looking for new mentors to join us and help us on our mission. Currently, we’re on the hunt for mentors in Brisbane who are passionate about inspiring women and … Read more

With applications now open for our six month Plus program, how can you make sure you have the best possible chance to get in? We explore some ideas below, including alumni tips on how they did it. Tip number one – check the application deadline! (Hint: it’s Monday, March 2nd for Perth and March 27th … Read more

With an unwavering passion for the tech industry, Ellie had been working two jobs and completing online courses and attending meetups in her free time before finding out about the She Codes Plus Program. Now, just a few months after her graduation, she has quit her two jobs and has accepted a full-time role as … Read more