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Bel Lloyd, Kate Kirwin, Jo Minney

Is this our most awarded month ever? We are celebrating three amazing champions this week with She Coders on opposite sides of the country receiving awards for their work in the tech community. In Brisbane, Bel Lloyd, an alumni of the She Codes Plus program who has gone on to teach the most recent cohort … Read more

She Codes Plus Perth

Canva has partnered with She Codes Australia for their Perth Plus program for 2023/2024, which recently began in September. With the program well and truly underway, 24 women are in the midst of their coding journey, as they undertake a range of projects, attend weekly classes, and create meaningful connections, powering them to enter technical … Read more

She Codes Plus Brisbane, Immersion Day

Last week, the She Codes Plus cohort in Brisbane visited the Midnight Health head office as a part of Immersion Day, to discover what a day in the life of a tech developer looks like at the company. Throughout the day, they were able to hear from various leads within the company and gain invaluable … Read more

She Codes Plus Brisbane cohort 2023

We are so excited to introduce our 2023 cohort for the She Codes Plus program running in Brisbane for the fourth year, which kickstarted in May. She Codes Plus is our six month tech program that provides an alternative learning pathway for women to enter the tech industry. Running on a part-time basis out of … Read more

Karen Lopez

Get to know Karen Lopez,  who recently graduated from the She Codes Plus program in Perth. Below she shares her experience with the program. When asked how her tech journey began. Karen shares that she began dabbling in code when she was helping people put together courses and landing pages to sell online. “Most all-in-one … Read more

Earlier this month, the She Codes Plus cohort in Sydney attended VGW’s Sydney office for Immersion Day. The day began with a warm welcome message from the CEO Laurence Escalante, who set the tone for the day stating:  “The future of the global economy is set to be dominated by STEM industries and as we … Read more